Have you ever ventured into the produce department feeling confused about what's in season, how to pick fruits and vegetables, or wished you had nutritional information on the back of each item? Produce Guide will take the guesswork out of buying delicious produce that is in season and will educate about the nutritional information of the produce. Fruit that is in season is generally less expensive, more available and more delicious.

Produce Guide will give you hints on how to pick produce, educate on how to properly store your produce, and will track when you have purchased items and how long they will stay fresh. Plus, you will have your own personal log of the exact date when you purchased your produce items and the date when you should consider discarding items.

This app is also a great educational tool if you want to learn about new produce that you may not be familiar with. Try our useful flashcard mode to learn over 170 different fruits and vegetables with beautiful photographs! This app is perfect for everyone from the foodie to the practical shopper and can be utilized right in your own grocery store or farmer's market.

  • Over 170 different vegetables and fruit, each with gorgeous color pictures
  • Descriptions of the fruit and vegetables with instructions on how to pick produce
  • Listing of the season when you should buy your produce for the best results
  • Ability to look up a list of what's in season for the time of year interested in
  • Instructions on if you should refrigerate and how to store your produce
  • Suggestions for how long you should keep each item with a log of when you've purchased the item and when you should discard the item
  • Nutritional information for all fruits and vegetables listed
  • Over 170 different flashcards of fruits/vegetables
  • Seasonal categories for a complete list of what you should be eating in each particular season
  • Descriptions of how to utilize each fruit (for example: use this apple for baking and this apple for eating, etc)
  • Categories of fruits and vegetables that show the similarities and differences between varieties so that you can buy like an educated consumer!
Best of all you will have all the knowledge you need right at hand to conquer the produce department! You and your family will be healthier and have the peace of mind that you are eating nutritious, fresh, and seasonal food.

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